You know it, Sunday c & rsquo; is the grandmothers day ! Finally, unless you died… Still, that & rsquo; in almost spring Sunday, we wanted to introduce you to a funny & rsquo; application that should help generations to communicate together.

T & rsquo; what you say here ?

Grand Café & rsquo; Mother is launching an application that reflects the ways of speaking adopted by some young people as “Oklm” ou encore “je te kiffe” ! That should participate in the & rsquo; d & rsquo appeasement; a difficult climate between teenagers and grandparents (generational conflict when you hold us…), while allowing the coffee brand to speak of & rsquo; she beguiled, the passage, a younger. Because as its name could let augur, unfortunately this firm carries it to the & rsquo; brand label for old. This campaign is more than relevant to rejuvenate its image. In short fine craftsmanship ! Go good Sunday and kisses to grandmother.

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