As amateurs graphic, you may have already heard of Webibli, virtual library dedicated to graphic and web design created there are now more than a year by Lisa Durand and Damien Tailhades. Although originally conceived as a virtual library, Webibli does not just this abstract existence and intends to increase its visibility by organizing an event that promises much : a book exchange !

Palpate the digital

The draft of the book exchange stamped Webibli is as simple as clever : allow to renew part of its library (by bringing books that gather dust in your library and retrieve new, all this time) and discover the work of exhibitors. For the other major highlight of the book exchange is in fact to highlight the work of designers and graphic artists. Beautiful initiative, This book exchange proves that digital and physical books can coexist.

If you are the Paris next Saturday 8 October, do not hesitate to take a turn at hosting the Schoolab book exchange Webibli : between the opportunity to sell and buy books opportunities and discover designers, graphic artists or talented typographers, you will not regret the trip.

Tuk-tuk, Sumatra, Indonesia - March 13, 2015: Bookshelves on street market in in second-hand book shop on March 13, 2015 in Tuk-tuk, Indonesia.