Chimera that comes true, virtual reality (or VR for inités and fans of Metal Gear Solid) s & rsquo; prompt gradually into our lives in various forms. Helmets and phones will thus serve as gateways to augmented reality to lead us into a future where fantasy and reality coexist more concretely than ever.

Virtual reality for Dummies

Large companies equip themselves with their own virtual reality system in the manner of Steam, Sony, Goggle. Obviously, depending on the brands & rsquo; intended use differs. Stem and Sony indeed opt to move towards service oriented video games when Facebook prefers to bet on social interactions. Mozilla offers for its part a sandbox approach that will allow us to realize everything we have in a simplified way lead through the & rsquo; using its framework, the A-Frame. Create a website in augmented reality then becomes a game d & rsquo; child. En effet, l & rsquo; assistance provided by this framework is particularly valuable as managing 3D, the sound or the placement of cameras can be complicated. A summer, A-Frame greatly facilitates the management WebGL. Une affaire à suivre donc !