audio brand to the growing success in recent years, Bose is now one of fashion brands. Best known for his pregnant, the manufacturer is again talking about him with a rather special model named Bosebuild.

I can do it !

The peculiarity of the Bosebuild pregnant is that she is self-assembly. A construction kit and an application was therefore developed to explain the installation while providing the opportunity for children to try mounting. On another, this will didacticism allows us to understand in some detail the operation of a pregnant. The possibility of customization are, additional, many and varied : So there should be something for everyone.

extremely fun, the Bosebuild is for everyone including children as this enclosure kit is perfect proving to arouse their interest as once the small chemist kit. On another, This process allows the brand to enjoy the success of do it yourself, a mode that does not know the crisis. The price of this bauble ? 150 euros. To learn more so take a look below : a short video explains everything in detail !