Renowned for its Casino, its waves and beaches, Biarritz did not yet boils down to this. This summer will be in effect under the sign of urban art since Anyway graphic design studio in collaboration with brands and Obey CAAPS had the good idea of ​​organizing a street art festival named Colorama which opened the 6 August and will continue until 21.


Proudly installed in 1000 Fosh m2 of garage that was doomed to destruction, Cozy, Colorama 16 artists to present their work. Among the guests, we note the presence of Grems, Opera and the Taroe 3 Anyway founders of the agency well Supakitch, Dourome, ou encore Little Madi, la seule femme de l’exposition. Le casting est donc riche et comporte quelques grands noms ce qui garantie la qualité du festival. Concretely, each artist will have a wall just by him to affix his creation. Cherry on the cake, the work which will present each artist will be unprecedented. Even those who already know the artists will be surprised ! Driven by the will to democratize the Street Art, Colorama will be more free. So you have no excuse not to go.

Promising and challenging, the Colorama brings greater visibility to artists in obvious talent while giving a second life to a place to be destroyed. The approach is to be welcomed ! If you are by the side of Biarritz 21 August, so do not hesitate to go for a ride.

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