Stop or would that reduce the consumption of cigarettes often falls to the & rsquo; painful ordeal and, despite numerous increases made by the & rsquo; state in the & rsquo; one to help us reach our goal… After electronic cigarettes (or explosive in some cases) more carcinogenic than actual, a new method is supposed to simplify everything : put color on neutral packages that would delay landing !

Olive color caca

To d & rsquo; dress the new neutral packages that we should find in our tobacco from 20 May 2016, an order decreed (an order that decrees, sacred joke lawyer) our beautiful packaging must absolutely be covered with the Pantone color 448 C matte finish for a third, the rest of the package whose mission d & rsquo; be covered by various health warnings. clearly, Pantone 448 C matte finish takes the hue d & rsquo; a totally disgusting olive green. As the & rsquo; state in which our body is immersed when the & rsquo; we abuse this type of product. So we prepare to say goodbye to some of the most iconic logos ever created…

True color is a real spring d & rsquo; purchase the consumer but the fact that packets are increasing drastically weigh much in the decline in tobacco consumption. Smoking will soon only as the & rsquo; d & rsquo prerogative; financial elite. And those who have had the & rsquo; idea of ​​filthy pictures and colors as ugly if not more, take the opportunity to say that c & rsquo; is thanks to them that tobacco consumption dropped. Life is made anyway !

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