You now have the habit, we like to regularly introduce typography that we find very original or, on the contrary, more classic fonts. This is the case with the chosen day !

cross Influence

GT named AMERICA, the typo that we present today is the fruit of the work of the Swiss type foundry Grilli. Already known for its Haptik GT and two or three other productions, this agency, Leu founded by Christmas and Thierry Blancpain, So we book a font that is intended as a cross between the American and European influences typographical gothic grotesques… That's a lot of ambition all ! What we can say with certainty is that it is pretty standard, no frills and it also works well in a block of text in a slogan or to accompany drawings. This is not so bad.

gt-america-font-grilli-type-swiss-03-750x565 gt-america-font-grilli-type-swiss-02-750x395 gt-america-font-grilli-type-swiss-01-750x586
gt-america-font-grilli-type-swiss-04-750x563 gt-america-font-grilli-type-swiss-06-750x564 gt-america-font-grilli-type-swiss-07-750x565 gt-america-font-grilli-type-swiss-08-750x564 gt-america-font-grilli-type-swiss-09-750x564 gt-america-font-grilli-type-swiss-10-750x562 gt-america-font-grilli-type-swiss-11-750x564 gt-america-font-grilli-type-swiss-12-750x564