Notice to all our alcoholic readers : a bar is specifically to get you a hangover. Aller dans un bar lieu dans lequel l’alcool coule à flots peut paraître antinomique, but yet there is nothing ! The Hangover Bar has indeed thought of everything to recharge our chakras.

Fashion anti hangover job

Located in Amsterdam party capital for many European, the Hangover Bar offers many services able to help those having too many drinks. Story recover so we entitled to beds, massages, herbal teas or vitamins and even an oxygen bar ! Ideal to relax in peace after a drunken night too. And do not believe that you will be able to go like that in this bar : it is indeed necessary to avoid an alcohol test and it is positive to hope to enter. Note that this bar opens from Friday to Sunday, the days when the evenings are the most numerous. Un choix on ne peut plus logique. Si vous êtes du côté d’Amsterdam, vous savez donc ce qu’il vous reste à faire.