It's Sunday and Sunday is not the day of the Lord is also a day to relax. It is indeed a bit about the only day that we can walk and why not, go to an exhibition. This is great, the city of Malakoff in 92 is currently the theater of the Grand 8, an ambitious exhibition that gathered more 40 urban artists during 5 month (1June- 30 October) the Reserve, a place dedicated to the destruction.

Genesis of the ephemeral

Property Jean-Marc Vibert, this large 2000m2 hangar is intended to be destroyed to make way for housing. Great passion for art, the latter decided to give free rein to the creativity of a string of urban artists for what constitutes an incredible event, particularly because the hallucinatory quality of its cast.

Casting 5 stars

Difficult to find an artist among those participating in the Grand 8 that did not previously noted. Judge for yourself : Shaka, Mosko, Jana & JS, Seize, Popay, Jérôme Mesnager, Mr Anis Lolo or to name a few. Be it a national or international perspective, we have the right effect to the most talented urban artists. The cream of the crop in short ! These therefore work together to complete the sculptures building, paintings, of grafs and other 3D creations, to the delight of our eyes.

incredibly ambitious, protean and exciting, great 8 could not leave us indifferent especially as it takes place in our old city of Malakoff !! The artists involved are all more talented than each other and could not, in addition, help out of the reserve to repaint some walls of the city… Check it out tower, believe us, you will not regret ! Admission is free for residents of the city and paying up to 3 Euro only for others. A meager investment for an artistic journey that is priceless…

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