Open from 4 Last July Meetings of Photography in Arles 2016 will last until 25 September. It is not too late to enjoy the atmosphere of this charming town and this particularly interesting cultural event.

old story

founded in 1970 Lucien Clergue (Arles itself), by the famous writer Michel Tournier and historian Jean-Maurice Rouquette, the Photography Encounters together every year professionals and amateurs around the love of photography. generally enjoying unprecedented Production, the festival has managed to raise more 90 000 curious 2015 and we discover year after year for new talent.

And in 2016 ?

The 47 th edition of the Photography Encounters should make the point changer since 137 Artists are expected. On another, it is not less than 32 exhibitions organized. New locations are also planned as the Luma Foundation. And that's not all : under the “Grand Arles Express”, the festival is exported and offer exposure to Marseille, Nimes and Avignon. The themes this year, as varied and interesting as with sequences celebrating the dynamism of Africa (“Africa Pop”), l’esprit satirique d'”Hara-Kiri” or the western Camargue (“Western Stories”) ! Les sujets plus dramatiques ne sont pas édulcorés pour autant : la séquence “La guerre” vient ainsi nous le rappeler avec une certaine véhémence tout comme celle sur l’avortement. It is clear that once again, This festival really turns tempting !

The Encounters of Photography Program 2016 looks rich and particularly stimulating. If you go towards the city Arlesienne feel free to check it out. Notons pour conclure que cette édition est dédiée à Michel Tournier, who died in January.

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