While the latest revision dated from only 2009, Citroën is back with a new logo in his wallet to echo its new advertising campaign named Inspired by you. And it would seem that a new advertising is not always a good excuse for a renewed logo.

loss of impact

Directed by agency The Gauls, The new logo incorporates the historic codes of the brand. The two bunk rafters dear to André Citroën and the part. They enthroned indeed still on the company name. The overall structure is identical. However, some details are different and this is precisely where the shoe pinches. At least for our taste. But the iconic red car firm that disappears in favor of a gray devoid of character. The flat design appearance certainly more adapted to current standards, especially from a digital perspective, unfortunately removes gloss and prégnant side of this emblem. This results in a personality without logo to more than relative impact.

You understood, the new Citroën logo signed Gauls seems a little sad and lack of character. The removal of red is as regrettable as the choice of flat design. But necessity is the digital…

Logo CITROEN 05.05 MODIF + REPPROCHES newlogo-citroen