Historically known for hosting the Pope 800, the town of Romans has an excellent city image in which to live. Lulled by the soft swirl of Isère, the city keeps its papal Roman period a strong footprint that is found especially in the bridge that serves which is the basis for its new logo. Chance would have it anyway !

Beauty decrypting

Performed by the famous agency Graphéine, The new logo features a lot of changes. Premier constat, Following the new name, the slightly antiquated mention “The city of” passes ace to profit “sur Isère”. Typography wins in simplicity (and impact) abandoning the serifs and other frills. The disappearance of blue and mustard yellow is also good news. But let's get to the main element : the famous bridge. It's no surprise the letter “m” which serves as a bridge. One letter to have a single color, it stands out from all. And maybe even a little too… The temptation to put too much value it seems you were the strongest. The name of the town is cut and the last letters read on the bottom line. Unfortunately, this break undoubtedly impede reading. Fortunately, the mention “sur Isère” was added. Because without it, some may find too illegible name of the city. Especially those who do not know this city, and many are. finally “sur Isère” is more significant in confirming that he is indeed a city. If there is a slight downside, So it is at this level. And specify that this problem affects the intelligibility and not the graphic quality of this logo : everything is perfectly aesthetic effect and perfectly symbolizes the many cultural routes that the city boasts highlight.

Apart from a light readability, the new Roman logo on Isere directed by Graphéine is a success. It is even a way to the best city logos made in recent months. It must be said that most were genuine disasters. Too bad so that legibility is sacrificed on the altar of aesthetics.