In recent weeks and months have been marked by a surge of French cities which have chosen to change their logo. Some of sheer coquetry, d & rsquo; others to accompany the new regional breakdown. And it n & rsquo; is that & rsquo; beginning as this trend beyond our borders. Many localities and foreign renewing emblem. Après Mons (Belgique), c’est en effet Budapest qui cède aux sirènes du changement.

disrespectful respect

historical city of the Austro-Hungarian empire, Budapest city (current capital of Hungary…) benefits from its proximity to the Danube as one of the most touristic cities in Europe. Like all old ladies, the city sporadically feels the need to refresh and decided, for it, de changer de logo. La nouvelle version conserve les éléments historiques de l’ancienne : le fanion est encore peuplé de châteaux séparés par un trait blanc, topped by what looks like a crown and a rosary. Everything is always framed by the ancient mythological guardians. Everything is there so, but everything changed because now it is no longer drawings but forms. Biens moins détaillée, plate et ornée de couleurs tristes, this version would be able to make a depressive guy shot morphine.

L & rsquo; old version was certainly dated and symptomatic d & rsquo; a time, but harbored a real know-how and a real character. The plethora of details and design of animals and were perfectly echoes the historical weight of the city. Le nouveau modèle s’apparente malheureusement davantage au logo d’une chaîne hôtelière : flat and sad, as lifeless. The only positive of this evolution ? This model is without doubt easier to use than the previous.
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