If you like the NHL, You surely know the Florida Panthers, professional hockey franchise on ice in North America plays in Sunrise in South Florida. This is home to true legends like Roberto Luongo or Jaromir Jágr (Former teammate Mario Lemieux Pittsburgh). Having won the championship of the Atlantic Division last year, the team sees its logo be changed under the leadership of President, who wants to instill a new winning mentality in the franchise.

The age of maturity

Once in full leap, panther seems to have calmed down since it now displays Assisi as some of its strength, completely stoic as a wise old man. Only his face is now visible, which further strengthens the feeling of superiority it gives off. Being inserted into the shield ends to convince us of his omnipotence. On another, the colors are darker, which give the panther a mature appearance. As if the animal was old and need to update his photo.

The recasts of famous logos are always delicate, especially when an emblem has remained unchanged for 23 years like the Florida Panthers. Yet, the avowed objective of the president to receive a logo that exudes power, mastery and victory is attained. The new posture of the panther a small effect and the appearance of the crest does the rest. So successful.

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