Gathering near 300 associations fighting for the preservation of the environment, France Nature Environnement exchange logo. Or at least change the fact. And the famous hedgehog is no exception to this redesign. But first the least important. The color code does not change one iota : White and red are still in the game. The mention France Nature Environnement takes insurance and now appears in capital letters. But coming to the most important, the Hedgehog. Once profile and smiling, the animal is now facing. But more serious, his smile disappeared. Pour un peu, its aggressive posture and carnivorous air would arrive in fact almost to worry. A change that sounds like a change in the posture of environmental advocates who must harden in the light of the urgency. Finally it depends views. En ce qui nous concerne, the change we so much fun that we find conclusive. CMJN de base 02 03 04 05