overall national project, the new map of French regions keeps on bringing us new logos. Many indeed are the cities to change their name, therefore their emblem. Today, we decided to talk about the Hauts-de-France region, which unveiled its new logo there are only a few days ago.

regional mobilization

Formerly Nord-Pas-De-Calais, the region Hauts-de-France deserved a logo worthy of his wealth. For this a large regional project was launched : 85 Student creations, 175 Proposals for locals. has sparked an undeniable collective momentum. Over 60 000 votes have been registered and it is ultimately the creation of a student at ESAD that was selected,fr.

new heart

Although regional, this logo takes the form of our good old hexagon. The France as a whole is well represented and this may surprise. More, un cœur (recalling the logo of Nord Pas De Calais) is formed from the upper point of the hexagon. Utile pour situer la région Hauts de France sur la carte.

Ideal to make the new region names and remembering geographic areas that these new names represent, this logo done its job with some effectiveness. On another, this emblem does not however his past in the trash since the idea of ​​the heart which served as the logo Nord-Pas De Calais is reused with malice and generates the idea of ​​such a warm area than human. However, the table is not perfect in terms of the lack of originality of this logo : the heart and hexagon are in fact notions regularly used when planning an emblem. A logo that has the advantages of its shortcomings and defects of his qualities in short. Et vous, what about you ?

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