Après des débuts fracassants, Netflix now boasts an impressive reputation. The US company of series and movies streaming online, has indeed been able to talk about it and retain many subscribers with an offer in which the most recent programs are scrambling. His aura so has naturally extended and it is not surprising to see today a new creation emerge around its logo.

Icône ou nouveau logo ?

What many have taken to a new Netflix logo is actually a visual creation for Twitter to Facebook. Une sorte de déclinaison de l’emblème original en somme, qui prend la forme d’un “N” rouge seul, apposé sur un fond noir. Plus courte, cette création parvient tout de même à conserver un caractère majestueux. Aussi élégante qu’efficace, this icon also adapts perfectly to web format because of its ergonomics. Notons pour finir, que le bas du “N” est légèrement incurvée. Une coquetterie qui vient rappeler le logo original, lui aussi incurvé.

Netflix's aim of enjoying a shorter acronym that can adapt to web use is understandable and proves successful. On another, this allows the company to prove that it has become powerful enough to shorten his name to his only initial and still be recognizable,fr.

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