If you are an art lover, you probably know the Tate, l’organisation Anglaise légendaire qui gère différents musées outre-Manche : Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool, Tate St Yves et Tate Modern. dear arts network in the Crown, Tate decided lifter including its logo to make it more functional and adjusted easily. And that's saying that this change was expected to turn.

Points on the Tate

The logo is always the same : la mention Tate en noir sur un fond blanc, saupoudrée d’un léger flou. Cependant de profondes différences apparaissent. For example, les points qui formaient autrefois le nom étaient invisibles en raison de leur nombre (plus de 3000). Désormais, they are far fewer (therefore visible) and feature sizes. Le rendu ainsi obtenu diffère totalement du précédent. More, the bottom of the letters is not complete which provides mobility and sensation of a job that never ends. This coquetry should also appeal to lovers of contemporary art because it brings the conceptual and enables Tate to display an identity that is both modern and respectful of its history. The old and younger should be well satisfied.

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