We told you a few weeks ago the trend that sees more and more cities opt for a logo change. A new example aujourd & rsquo; hui with Briançon who abandons his watercolor eye which further underlines the phallic lighthouses. But why are you asking us hasten you ? Simply in order to & rsquo; accompany an evolution of the city itself, that is more modern than ever.

Phallus, my love

While the & rsquo; old version showed a beacon overhung by a sunset that seemed designed by a child or an adult reaches Parkinson, Briançon we discover new logo. Hard to talk about this version without giggling as the form literally think of phallus, or else condoms, c’est selon. Composed of geometric figure, l & rsquo; together can also think of a hand coldly running what looks like a finger d & rsquo; honor. A summer, whatever the & rsquo; read axis, the result s & rsquo; frankly weird out… A ratage more to put in & rsquo; active of these new cities logos, which mostly, are poor chess.

To say that we are not customers of the new logo held from Briancon brainer. We are indeed more cautious than face this generation but all tastes are in nature…Fortunately that & rsquo; there are still blind.

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