ruthless world, the field of fast food is currently experiencing even a bloody war. While up & rsquo; here the return of Burger King s & rsquo; had passed peacefully, hostilities between the different companies of fast food finally start. The period of & rsquo; observation seems to be consumed and c & rsquo; is McDonald & rsquo; s who unearthed the hatchet.

The Return of the King

Long silent about the return of Burger King, McDonald & rsquo; s decided to react. For this the company chose to make fun with finesse the small number of its competitor stores (although this tends to subside gradually), by using d & rsquo; a poster that a complex route to reach the nearest. Beside, a small poster with a simple indication to reach the next McDonald, to it, n & rsquo; is that & rsquo; a few meters. The cons attack Burger King portrays a couple who s & rsquo; stop at McDonalds for coffee to take on the way still to go before the next Burger King. This response lacks punch, but it has the merit of bounce on the subject initiated by McDonald & rsquo; s not aggressive and show d & rsquo; some self-mockery.

In this media battle, our preference is to admit the McDonald & rsquo; s, whose & rsquo; s & rsquo attack, is much more effective than the answer to Burger King that appears a bit farfetched. But whatever, As these valves commercial exchanges give birth to much more entertaining campaigns that those who are to observe families go to fast food with a beatific smile.