Never short on effective business concept, McDonald & rsquo; s book once again advertising that will make him, n & rsquo; no doubt, a big promotion. This takes the form of & rsquo; an interactive series recounting the adventures of & rsquo; fries ! Original, ce postulat lui permet d’instiller une pincée de modernité dans sa communication ainsi qu’un certain second degré qui fait parfois défaut aux grandes marques.

So t & rsquo; have fried ?

The concept of the new advertising McDonald & rsquo; s therefore could not be more clear : an interactive series narrating the crazy adventures d & rsquo; an fries (n & rsquo; y see any phallic substitute). But one question s & rsquo; imposes immediately : it may well happen that a fried so interesting that ? Well c & rsquo; is yours, enfin aux clients Mc Do utilisateurs de la page d’écrire les histoires et d’inventer les péripéties que rencontra la frite-star. D’ou la notion d’interactivité évoqué plus avant. We don & rsquo; probably not imagine the complexities that accompany them at the casting stage to find good fried. We do not yet know s & rsquo; it will be possible to apply such scenario that & rsquo; fries are soaked in mayonnaise before & rsquo; go s & rsquo; sinking between good thick slices of bread mellowness d & rsquo; a burger order to produce back and forth suspects, but the concept appears in the & rsquo; all permissive. Once the scenario remains correct course.

Arm yourself with your pens and your dear friends keyboards and so give life to d & rsquo adventures fries. Ou pas. Car cette petite vidéo devrait vous donner davantage envie de manger Mc Do que de participer à cette série interactive. And c & rsquo; is obviously the goal. Ah yes, pour visionner le spot publicitaire présentant ce concept, c’est juste en-dessous.