Notice the small fanatics connected technological discoveries, Samsung s & rsquo; preparing to market a cute mini spherical camera as all as the Gear 360. With this innovation, the Korean company intends to s & rsquo; impose further in the competitive market of new technologies and strengthen through the sales of its smartphones and its virtual reality headset.

technological ball

In addition to more brands are the finding of & rsquo; an intensification of video consumption 360 degrees (especially on Facebook…) these last months. This change of n & rsquo consumption patterns has not escaped that Samsung has decided to develop a camera designed to bridge the gap between its smartphones and Gear VR to make more social virtual reality. total connection, content exchange, sharing of & rsquo; user experience, l & rsquo; Korean company did everything to make us buy the most products possible and to convince us of the social dimension of its virtual reality. But be careful, if the 36O Gear has been designed to be compatible with smartphones of the company, they are only models with (S and notes 5). Technically, the beast displays more than adequate capacity : videos of 3.840 x 1.920 pixels and photo 30 megapixel ! Note also that the lenses have d & rsquo; a wide angle lens.

S & rsquo; it is still early to judge concretely capacity of Gear 360 (no specific release except 2nd quarter 2016), the promise of Samsung s & rsquo; proving attractive. The only thing we do not know yet is paramount MAISQUI, is the price that will be marketed beautiful…we bet that & rsquo; it will still need a little more than 50 euros to pay !
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