Despite the abundance of software to test your wireframes, many people still resort to paper. with PaperProto, it would seem that the old days and those who prefer the modern lovers can agree.

The art of simplicity

Malin and relevant, PaperProto based on a physical process mid mid digital application that not rocket science : an empty shell smartphone templates and files for download to test various interfaces. Therein, PaperProto is very quick to test his rendering wireframe : thanks to the smartphone's hull, it is sufficient for a few seconds to realize the right proportions. On another, it is possible to horizontally slide the paper or vertically to simulate the sliding pages. What more ?

At a time when everything encourages us to use our software and connected screens, PaperProto is as simple but fun to use and proves that with a little malice everything is possible. For thirty euros, you will have everything needed to effectively test your wireframes. And, You know the expression, it is in the old pots…

paperproto-wireframes-papier_3 paperproto-wireframes-papier_2