In order to celebrate the Day of the Lord, we decided to talk about sex through a very original stopper for wine bottle. When sex and alcohol mix, we are never far away !

Let's get covered

He comes often (especially for those who lack tact) the cork of a bottle is relatively capricious and does not fit properly in the neck and / or withers. The Canadian company Wine Condoms then had the ingenious idea to use condoms to seal the bottle. Original, this idea essentially valuable proves the buzz it generates and the visibility it gives the young company. And we must say that the company has done things carefully and has taken this principle to bottom : condoms for bottles are sold in the same packaging as conventional and open in the same way. The assembly is, more elegant, with stylish lettering that even offers a small graphic game with a bottle as a “i”. Note to those planning to test in a sexual context they are made of rubber…

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