Journal whose first issue appeared at the end of World War II, l & rsquo; team still standing. Witness the & rsquo; World History, daily followed all sporting events in recent decades with an undeniable success.

The bucket strength

Built on the ashes of the Second World War, l & rsquo; Team is part of its newspapers that are born to replace the media deemed too collaborationist as & rsquo; Auto. In the facts, it happens that the one who managed the & rsquo; Auto, Jacques Godet, was the one who threw the & rsquo; Team in February 1946. But times seem to change, because having recently changed format, l & rsquo; his feast Team 70 and for years & rsquo; occasion gives us a more than mediocre advertising communication.


The principle of this anniversary campaign is as simple as poorly done : d’un côté ce que nous avons appris à l’école et de l’autre, what & rsquo; team taught us. Several materials are planned such as geography, l & rsquo; s anatomy or & rsquo; English. The only one who seems to succeed is the one playing on our animal knowledge for the English language. The difference between the d & rsquo logos, basketball teams and real animals is more marked, therefore more efficient than that of cities such. If you are interested in football,fr, you learn quickly that are recurrent tibial fractures. Why then is it written learned to & rsquo; school and not in the & rsquo; Team ? Ditto for the heart : sport c & rsquo; is precisely the heart, c & rsquo; is & rsquo; emotion.

Incomprehensible, this advertising concept to the buzz around 70 s & rsquo; team is one of the worst we've ever seen. balanced evil, not very convincing, this water beetle school / team seems to have been chosen in haste because management n & rsquo; & rsquo was nothing; another to offer. Too bad the hexagonal sports bible that so many French liked to discover their children n & rsquo; has not benefited from & rsquo; better treatment. But given the level of & rsquo; analysis of most of the journalists who populate his writing now and their level of & rsquo; journalistic honesty, he finally deserved not much better.

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