In this full media back period, chains multiply ads. Thus, after we have revealed its new logo in July last (which we had a chronic), France Info (radio, web and TV) comes to us with an advertising poster campaign particularly happy to present its new identity.

Between failure and success

Conducted by the Movement agency, these posters seem to have been shaped to speak at a rather young target. Simple colors live and train are usually a sign of a communication that is modern and playful. According to many studies, young people represent the age group that looks less information. Make a campaign to try to attract a younger audience and unreceptive to the info has therefore nothing bad idea. However, there is no certainty that these posters manage to please them. Yet the effort is laudable : the visuals are colorful (too much ?) but the colors do not always blend harmoniously. And, who said that to seduce a greener public had to put color everywhere ? The usually round shapes, at times tend towards emoticon, strengthen further the decidedly youthful character of these posters. Slogans also want very didactic : “What was to be the first to know if we are the last to understand”. With this kind of sentence the chain tries to differentiate itself from its competitors (BFM, I-Télé…) highlighting its ability to decrypt the information and not just pass it by hearing and its competitors are just able to relay information. As for good points also included the signing of France Info : “two points open the info”. Very effective, it is undeniably part of the information group's successes.

You understood we shared many feelings : the will of youth at any price search France Info led Movement to adopt too caricatured and too simple codes. We are however much more excited about some of the slogans that allow the chain to differentiate itself from its competitors. Half fig half grape therefore…

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