fashion fans and fashionistas power, this selection should please you, since that & rsquo; s it & rsquo; acts d & rsquo; a commercial sample of Grazia. Well to be honest, if you really are a fashion enthusiast it could you find the following to vomit. For against, if you attract by anything that has to do with kitsch, you will be thrilled !

careful selection…or not !

Grazia like kitsch, it seems incontestable. His sartorial classics are so hipsters shirts at very vintage d & rsquo bombers; aujourd & rsquo; hui (thus falsely vintage) through backpacks for bobos. Only shoes escape this atmosphere. Note that Grazia had the delicious idea to take her clothes geometric shapes : we thus find squares or circles drawn in the & rsquo; using shirts or shoes… The pinnacle of the & rsquo; inventiveness ! And n & rsquo; is not everything, because to present its different creations, Grazia tries indeed to conceptualize its advertising posters. But the result s & rsquo; out wobbly if not frankly missed. L & rsquo; all that kitsch to die (probably due to the & rsquo; appearance of clothes) not to mention the construction of the visual, which seems very appropriate to point all this will eventually make cheap. Such visual organization would have been more in keeping with luxury goods, usually quieter and more elegant.

Inutile valleys plus loin, you understood what we thought of this advertising selection Grazia. Et encore, we have not yet spoken displays placed at different heights, on which enthroned sublime clothing and other accessories. The paragon of & rsquo; elegance !

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