Who says geeks were disconnected from the world and its vicissitudes ? En effet, as more and more people spend more and more time behind a screen and the geek n & rsquo; so have never been so many, a project that can help finance & rsquo; NGOs without spending a euro is born. You are lost ? Explanations.

Geek or Robin Hood ?

Appointed “Donation Icon,en”, this ambitious project takes the form of & rsquo; an application that & rsquo; just download. This will then convert your icons into smaller spaces that brands can buy. L’argent récolté par ce biais est alors utilisé pour faire une cagnotte destinée à des associations qui seront sélectionnées par les internautes. And n & rsquo; is not everything, at d & rsquo; a humanitarian catastrophe, l & rsquo; user will be notified of the associations that most need & rsquo; help. Utile et efficace !

With the project “Donation Icon,en” it is now possible to spend time in front of his computer and d & rsquo; be useful to & rsquo; improving our world. Voilà qui constitue la parade idéale pour les enfants dont les parents se plaignent du temps passé devant l’écran. Note that if you want to learn more about this approach, simply go to the site “Donation Icon,en”.

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