Founded in 1980 by Nanard Kouchner, Médecins du Monde is an international solidarity activist medical association working for over 35 years now. And his struggles are many and complicated to carry, Proof of this is the campaign that we present today. The latter indeed militates against unfair drug prices operated by pharmaceutical groups that condemn some to die because means.A challenge worthy of that of 12 Works of Hercules.

Drugs for the rich

To arouse (or wake) consciences against the exorbitant price of medicine, Doctors of the World has chosen a simple principle can trust : two colors and a sentence, difficult indeed to do more minimalist. Constant of each visual, the White (or light silver gray, c’est selon) thus appears blue or red company, associations that immediately think of medicine capsules. Flocked in large black capitals, the phrases perfectly emerge which reinforces the significance of the different messages. And the message is just as it is the substance of the case : fed by a tinted desperate lucidity of cynicism, phrases keep coming in an icy whirlwind. Want an example ? “Melanoma what exactly ? This is 4 billion turnover”…

beneficial refusal

anecdote, this campaign almost never see the day because of a negative opinion of the regulatory authority for advertising professionals who fear that the labs turns against Doctors of the World for defamation. The displays have therefore refused to display the visual and the association of starting a petition that collected nearly two hundred thousand votes. A refusal that has allowed this country to talk about it.

You understood, Simple and effective are the words that best characterize this campaign Doctors of the World. As the message, it is of public interest and is the central point of this shock campaign that has the good taste not to add too many frills to a subject that does not require. However, the problem of drug prices is too sensitive and important topic to afford the approximation. Car estimer la marge générée par une leucémie est de l’ordre de l’impossible ou presque. Wanting to shock is good, do it with words or verifiable figures it's better ! Cela aurait presque tendance à décrédibiliser le message de cette campagne et c’est bien dommage !

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