You may know, every year, Clean the association Vacances sets up a poster campaign to campaign against litter (those thrown in nature). L’année 2015 a ainsi été marquée par un triste chiffre : plus de 80 000 tons of waste has been abandoned, which equals 8 Eiffel Towers as recalled maliciously association. The urgency is still relevant.


Premier constat : for his campaign 2016, Clean the association Vacances follows that of 2015. Some will cry no doubt the lack of renewal but version 2015 met a clear critical success and the subject is such, that whether these visuals are identical to the extent that the situation is still the same. On another, we must admit that its process is relatively efficient. Nous avons droit à des déchets photographiés en gros plan avec le prénom et le nom de la personne qui les ont jeté ainsi que la date de l’abandon. Dating allows realize that even many years after being thrown, some waste does not disappear and patronymic, espérons que cela participe à une prise de conscience.

Far from being confined to beaches, littering also affects forests, roadsides, the ski pistes… in short wherever humans are present ! The subject is sensitive and holidays Own country, even if it has already been used in 2015, proves incredibly effective.

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