Véritable institution française, Ricard was created by Paul Ricard 1932 in Marseille. From birth, the drink was an instant success and became a Southern symbol before conquering the entire territory. Renowned for its harmonious blend (or not it depends…) anise, licorice and herbs, Ricard is thus one of the most consumed beverages in France. De nombreuses publicités ont ainsi été produites afin de vanter ses mérites même si, ces dernières années, the advertisements are more discreet.

Ricard, drink specializing in advertising

World leader in aniseed drinks, Ricard brand has a long and rich advertising history. Between commercials and advertising items (we would call today goodies), the brand was one of the most active in terms of communication. At one time it was impossible to move in a boozer without seeing Ricard ashtrays. On another, la marque s’était fait une spécialité de la distribution d’accessoires marketing (bobs or caps flocked to his colors) durant diverses manifestions publiques (Tour de France). The brand has not mégotée on visual advertising : many posters have indeed been created.

Histoire publicitaire

La mini fresque publicitaire que nous avons préparé permet de mesurer l’évolution graphique qui a touché le milieu de la publicité ces dernières décennies. Changing colors, replacement of drawings by photos are some of the most striking changes. On another, this mural gives to see the evolution of the perception that the brand of herself : après avoir cherché à s’installer, Ricard eventually use its own history and its longevity to advertisements. The circle is complete.

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