You've probably noticed if only you were standing abreast of international news, we hear a lot about the campaign of US presidential election that pits Donald Trump (republican) et Hillary Clinton (democrat). And although these ideas do not unanimously (it's a no-brainer), Donald Trump has much resonance in this campaign. The candidate we love to hate and whose excesses are the delight of the world's media, Indeed focuses attention. This is not the pine's collection launched by the New York studio Sagmeister & Walsh that will change the game, on the contrary !

Pin's election

Escorted by a hype that does not seem determined to abandon, the famous Stefan Sagmeister out of its usual production for us entertained with pin's humorous anti-Trump and, the passage, clearly display his political ideas. We thus find that good old Donald in disadvantageous positions (a disguised coup Mr Potato Head or small Troll shaggy hair) or outright flocked onto a roll of toilet paper ! Diversions certainly not fly very high, but show a mocking spirit quite enjoyable. Note finally that the pins are not the only accessories to be used for this nice collection : T-shirts, posters, magnets…

As illustrated by its pine's designed by Sagmeister & Walsh, Trump-bashing is a national sport (see International) which still seems to have bright future. If the principle amusing, feel free to go on a tour of the project site Pins Won’t Save The World : it turns out particularly entertaining effect.

sagmeister-walsh-trump_joker-pin sagmeister-walsh-trump-pin-badges_america-is-for-everyone sagmeister-walsh-trump-pin-badges_dump sagmeister-walsh-trump-pin-badges_no-entry sagmeister-walsh-trump-pin-badges_toilet-paper sagmeister-walsh-trump-pin-badges_troll-doll sticker_02