lighthouse summer series launched by Netflix, Stranger Things, received such an original communication worrisome that shows all the Netflix talent to promote its programs. The platform continues to rise has decided to stand out from more traditional channels like HBO with a skilled video experience 360.

increased fear

Taking place in Indiana, Things Stanger the series promises a dark, paranormal investigation, which is intended as a tribute to horror films of the 80. We can follow the adventures of the charming and désamparée Winona Riders in search of her child. An attractive program which is added a disturbing laboratory and the US Secret Service. Launched in July this series represents a serious investment for Netflix hopes to hold a successful that étalara several seasons. For this, the platform put dishes in large offering us a video 360 (you can move the angle of view with the mouse) prefiguring probably what advertising will eventually look like : maximum interaction so that the viewer is kept in suspense as much by advertising as the series itself.

Little use caution before you dive into this video : ridge what you said the voice, and do not forget to return to the end. A surprise awaits you in effect,fr…