Notice to fans futuristic projects spray, today we will introduce a new invention as ambitious as surprising : the Sea Bubble. Enigmatic, that name actually conceals vehicles capable of flying over water. Explanations.

Water World

crazy idea, il y a quelques années serait rentrée dans le cadre de l’anticipation, ces Sea Bubble impressionnent par leur design et la vélocité qui en découle. Nées de l’esprit du navigateur Alain Thébault (et d'Anders Bringdal), these machines are designed to enable, Forward, unclog the streets of big cities with a river. Note that these items do not fly but they slide on the water thanks to the foils (profiled blades) which maintain contact with the water surface. Docks are obviously necessary to moor the Sea Bubble. fully autonomous (at least in theory), these special docks and should be able to generate their own energy consumption since they will be equipped with turbines and solar panels. Ambitious, innovative and environmentally conscious, this project is envy. The declared ambition of Alain Thébault is to provide a service vehicle halfway between the taxi and the Autolib. Une magnifique initiative donc, que nous ne devrions pas tarder à voir pointer le bout de son nez.

Paris, City of Lights

Sensing the opportunity to strengthen his popularity with a green and ambitious project, Anne Hidalgo has accepted that Paris is the city test. Not crazy wasp ! Still, after the tests using scale models and test a prototype, the logical result is the first deployment of a fleet of Sea Bubble. From here 6 month (or a year), so we should see these charming bubbles dance on the Seine ! De quoi la rendre plus pétillante sans doute !

taxi-volant-paris-sea-bubble-1 taxi-volant-paris-sea-bubble-3 taxi-volant-paris-sea-bubble-4