C & rsquo; is a series of three videos dedicated to Dacia that we welcome you on this Monday. The car firm d & rsquo; Romanian origin (French subsidiary Renault) launches indeed a new advertising campaign to humorous trend around the concept of paying daily a small amount of his car.

optical dimming

To d & rsquo; illustrate their daily payment offer, Dacia seeks to emphasize the little weight that represents 2,3 or 5 euros per day. Première observation : it depends for whom ! but let. Dacia therefore portrays men who take chocolate lightning or bagels for Dacia cars. Grotesque explanations we let you discover s & rsquo; then ensue…

Reach a humorous ambition too light, Dacia this campaign does not captivates us without s & rsquo; prove to be a total failure. Some people may find their account.