The Swedish firm of kit furniture, Ikea, seems to be teasing mood in recent months. En effet, after being mocked Apple Pencil, recidivism brand by this time taking fans to foodporn through a spot created by the agency ACNE.

Better a good old porn

Those who wonder if behind the name of foodporn does not hide a gender culinary practice calms : unfortunately there is nothing. This is actually the name given to the practice of filming for his meal on the broadcast Instagram. Many people realize short films about what they ingest, a trend that many relate to the praise of emptiness. Ikea has therefore seized this subject with means that commands respect : nous avons en effet droit à une reconstitution historique du XVII ème siècle (ou début du XVIII) qui nous offre un défilé de perruques majestueuses, flamboyant sets and costumes with graceful ornaments for a result in obvious pomp. Our eye is flattered and it is rare enough to be noted ! Given the time, you can imagine, there is no photo made using a smartphone but a painting. Mais “liké” une peinture demande bien plus d’organisation et de temps qu’une photo, et s’avère donc bien plus contraignant…

Cette publicité d’Ikéa réalisée par l’agence ACNE propose une lecture par l’absurde extrêmement rafraichissante sur certaines de nos pratiques les plus ubuesques avec un humour certain. And not just a mere mockery, ce spot met en outre en lumière l’addiction que génère le digital (and the illusion of social life it brings) and that, nonchalantly, gaining more and more modern societies.