You will recall the campaign of Meetic (dating site) launched in 2014 “Love Your Imperfections” so it was a great success which is also spread over time. So to speak, naked would almost feel that this campaign was still news last month. Recognizing this success (the same would have been difficult not to realize…), Meetic decided to put the cover in this summer 2016 but with a small variation this time : “Invent Your Imperfections”.

L’imperfection, a weapon of mass seduction

Again conducted by the agency Buzzman, the campaigns “Invent Your Imperfections” reprend donc le principe, devenu célèbre, des imperfections qui permettent de faire la chose ! More in 2 year old, le constat a visiblement changé : after telling us that our imperfections seduce at least one person in the world, behold Meetic announces that we have more defects. Mais alors comment faire ? Well we must invent to seduce. Suddenly, in addition to the usual small spots, a site has been created on which a virtual generator imperfections allows us to find us at least one defect. Whew, we are saved, we will again practice coitus !

Fun, cette campagne réalisée par Buzzman pour Meetic l’est assurément. However, the impression that we use a vein already dried up almost palpable also. Indeed, we are less surprised therefore less packed by principle.