Although extremely popular, Youtube sometimes needs to advertise particular to promote his new. The launch of its new application Youtube Music, is an event that the firm had to put forward.

multicultural videos

For the & rsquo; occasion, we thus entitled to a series of commercials. Generally lasting a minute, these advertisements depict characters backgrounds and of different ages. Thus, we find a young woman who, when she hears music on a plane, starts crying. We also met a young Asian thug but high, but still thug who likes to dance. And n & rsquo; is not everything, but we leave you the scoop to discover other videos.

Well made and perfectly in tune with the times, these spots are a cosmopolitan fluoroscopy which tends to prove that worldwide, the music we listen to is more than music, this is what we are ! A message reminds McDonald's and its now famous “Venez comme vous êtes” and seems very popular these days : personify the message to all price to cover at maximum future prospect. The trend “around the world” which allows almost every country to have a representative is also very fashionable. Youtube has managed to combine various advertising trends for a result that seems to satisfy everyone.