Whether geologists (yes we are read by scientists…), gravediggers fans tombstones or just a lover of mineral textures, such as modern video that & rsquo; s amazing is for you. We have indeed fortunate to discover some extracts of sublime rock through a particularly instructive interactive tour.

Rolling stone n & rsquo; gathers no moss

Conceptual to perfection, This interactive tour takes the form of & rsquo; advanced to the first person on rails. On each block of stone, vous avez la possibilité de cliquer dessus afin de zoomer et de l’observer sous toutes les coutures. Behind this bold and innovative concept, we find SolidNature, a nebula structure organizing showroom in various localities (Dubai, Holland and d & rsquo; others soon) which, in addition, voit régulièrement des designers de renommés mondiales travailler avec ses pierres.

If this concept of interactive geology intrigues you, it is good because clicking on the photo below you find yourself in an instant (Finally, it depends on your connection speed in real say) screened at the heart of this exhibition. Comme quoi, sometimes life is well made…