After years of loyal service, it was time for our website to dust off the shelves and refresh the wallpaper ! New design, navigation optimale, videos , la version 2.0 Site Wedding and Co, network & rsquo; Wedding Planner agencies in France and elsewhere, is thrown.

Focus on the new visual identity of the site ...
Start with the chroma : garish colors in the closet, violet and rose slightly (a lot ? Ok, the one you & rsquo; grants !) out of fashion, Wedding and Co wants now much more sober and minimalist .

Black and white tones while d & rsquo; first, through two shades of gray for the main pages, then a light touch of pink powder for delicate side and "cocooning" …

Finally, a floral print in black and white neutrals will decorate the whole and give pep to all. Le logo, about him, also literally changed since it was clean and modernized ... The basis of the two intersecting alliances, emblematic figure of the agency since its creation, has obviously been kept, but the lines are refined and the violet color has given way to black, symbol of sobriety and elegance.

These amendments are part of the will of Wedding and Co to assert its positioning Premium and Prestige to anchor this revival in memories.

For typography, it had to be in agreement with the wedding planning, our core business. Our wish was to find one that can mix sophistication and softness, without switch in too much…

The challenge was daunting, n & rsquo; is it not ?
But after several hours, what did I say !, of days spent delving into the depths of the Net, Sue Nella is the font that caught our attention. Handwriting, it combines romance and spirit "casual" and had therefore everything to please us. It is with this new typeface will write the new page of Wedding and Co ... We let you discover the new visual identity implemented in close collaboration with the communication agency Shane Chart.

Brand Board