Lovers of visual creations to the inventive design to be happy because the LADFEST open from 11 the 13 February in Lima, the capital of Peru. Where indigenous play the panpipes. But in fact, that & rsquo; is what you tell us will LADFEST ? Well there s & rsquo; simply the Latin America Festival Designer. Small trip to South America to meet the best designers of the moment.

Table royale

True Roundtable World design, LADFEST welcomes the biggest names in design : Stefan Sagmeister (AUT/USA) Yuko Shimizu (JAP/USA) Anton and Irene (IS / PER) and of course the famous considered one of the designer / typographer most influential of the last twenty years. Some visuals s & rsquo; prove to be a great success as well as that of Sagmeister or Ken-Lee Tsai and all offer their own identity and avoiding any form of redundancy. And the program is not limited to such a beautiful exhibition or it : des ateliers, conferences or exhibitions are organized for this purpose is therefore a worthy celebration of design.

If you are on the side of Peru n & rsquo; feel free to take a turn at LADFEST as the program arouses curiosity. The others will be content with visual lurking here and there on the internet. Injustice when you hold us…

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