Datant de 1987 (My year of birth, So a good vintage), l & rsquo; old logo of the city of Tours portiat the weight of his years so too ostentatious. We had the right effect to a grid enclosing a tower, background, a rainbow recalling & rsquo; former Channel logo + : hello years 80. Whether it is design or color tone, l & rsquo; all seemed clearly outdated. It was time to change that. Or not..

Logo or sentence d & rsquo; hangs ?

The new logo voluntarily opts for a minimalist approach that seems more a graphic editorial. The main body is constituted by the mention “Ville de Tours” written in black print capital in a more simplistic. The name s & rsquo; displayed in bold and therefore de facto spring as & rsquo; the most important element of & rsquo; all. For the logo itself is formed by the 3 colored lines overlooking the Towers of U. These are supposed represented the three historical tours of the city. What consistency ! At the & rsquo; use, these traits s & rsquo; prove much easier to decline the closet that once served as an emblem.

From the point of view of & rsquo; ergonomics, The logo change fit. We l & rsquo; have said, l & rsquo; former was obsolete in both colors in design. The change is therefore a success of this strict view. Unfortunately, textual prominence is a real problem. Finally let us not be too severe, the birth of this logo was so bumpy that the outcome could have been much worse.

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