Vous vous souvenez peut-être, il y a quelques temps, Viandes de France soutenu par le ministère de l’agriculture, a livré un logotype que nous qualifierons de très français. Here that & rsquo; & rsquo aujourd; hui vegetables, fruits and other potato France (propriétés d’Interfel), ont également droit à des emblèmes. Et vraisemblablement, ces derniers ne déplairont pas à la famille Le Pen.

Hexagone intellectuel

The graph principle of fruit and vegetables logo and potatoes is exactly the same as the meat of France : a hexagon. Because France is a hexagon. Finally, if you do not count the Islands. Which is still a major difference and that is very “France aux Français”. Still, as the basis of & rsquo; s & rsquo hexagon, shown in red, the other sides in blue. At & rsquo; inside we find a white background accompanied by a blue flag, blanc, red, a son sommet. However, ne soyons pas mauvaises langues, some differences remain between the Meat logo France and those of fruit and vegetables.

No j & rsquo; have not copied Mrs. !

While in the meat to release, only the term “Meat of France” s & rsquo; & rsquo displayed in; hexagon under the French flag, the fruits, vegetables and potatoes offer a slightly different approach. Thus, logo for fruit and vegetables, lemons and oranges come s & rsquo; display on the French flag. Idem pour l’emblème des pommes de terre, qui accueille pour sa part des Charlottes et d’autres variétés. And more fruits and vegetables d & rsquo terms; one hand and potatoes d & rsquo; other, does s & rsquo; not write the same color as the mention “de France” unlike the version of Meat. L You & rsquo; have understood the differences between the various versions are minimal and should meats, in that, help create a truly national consumer identity in the manner of & rsquo; a label. J & rsquo; know who will be reassured !

This “famille” almost incestuous logo s & rsquo; symptomatic proves Community downturn that is currently taking place in France, during which we are reassured banging on about Nadine Morano while increasing returns to heavy national and symbolic, In all areas. The “Consommez français”. The “Partez en vacances en France”. When will “baisez français” also ? Even the logos n & rsquo; no exception to this rule. Take the emblems of sports federations, including that of hockey we recently deciphered, they all operate a triumphant return to blue, blanc, red. Hopefully this works for Interfel.

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