The joy of Christmas holidays & rsquo; year tend to make them less visible, but misery and poverty never make truce, not even on Christmas Day. So it is good to remember that despite the majority joy, everyone n & rsquo; is not housed in the same boat. C & rsquo; is precisely the purpose of the new campaign & rsquo; call for donations organized by the & rsquo; Army Hi.

Instants survival

Boots protruding d & rsquo; a pile of cardboard (in particular gift wrap) placed on the floor, hands covered with perforated mittens seeking some warmth near & rsquo; a crackling fire in a barrel or socks abandoned under incessant snow, The following pictures have resolved to present the difficulties (and distress) faced by the homeless fugitive sketches. Therein, demonstrated this campaign & rsquo; originality under the usual production of this kind of approach that generally favors faces or entire portraits of homeless. More, this approach works perfectly. It is s & rsquo; indeed not expect to see DSK out boxes.

Winter Writing

The writings, for their, do not vary d & rsquo; s eye to & rsquo; another. La mention “On ne vit pas tous le même Noël” s & rsquo; displayed in a large font that seems uncertain, as written by a trembling hand made by the sharp claws of & rsquo; winters. In smaller, next to this first registration, we find a call to the gift and the logo of & rsquo; Army Hi.

Delicate and very timely, of this campaign & rsquo; Army Hi reminds us all the misery that flows in our streets and, even during holidays. Undeniably so helpful.

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