As the cold descends on our fragile little body poor, we decided to warm up the atmosphere with a selection of the most famous logos in the world. After publishing the ranking of the most powerful brands in the world (Some have also found surprising ..) nous continuons à nous intéresser aux firmes que nous connaissons tous par le biais de leur emblème. And you will see that if these logos have become famous, it's not for nothing.

diverse selection

Of course all the logos that make this selection are not to our taste : we do not like the masses that of Danone (a poor Little Prince) nor Adobe. But overall, the level is raised rather, Judge for yourself in : Adidas, Häagen-Dazs, Castorama, Nivea, Fnac and even Duralex (not to be confused with Durex…). Most of these emblems are indeed very effective and are especially prégnant. Among this selection, we can notice that many logos seek to reach children as Carambar and cheerful appearance, Haribo and friendly yellow or bear Laughing Cow. The result of this will of colored emblem gays and able to attract the gaze of cherubim and survive fashions and generations. Also note the resonance between Kinder and Nutella which all the letters are colored red with the exception of the first. Simple and marking ! A contrary, other brands opt for a form of discretion in the manner of L'Oreal which reminds us that simplicity is sometimes a guarantee of quality with an elegant classicism. In short, there's something for everyone !

Et vous, what are your favorite ?

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