Souvenez-vous, there is almost a week we told you about the typodarium, Calendar offering, chaque jour, a different typography to discover. Well it seems that the time is conducive to calendars (nothing more normal will you tell us, since we are approaching slowly in the new year) since it is the turn of Color Swatch Calendar to see the day. And as the name suggests, he is not here question of typography but colors.

The festival of colors

Directed by Peter Von Freyhold (Independent collective YES R) for the fourth consecutive year, the Color Swatch Calendar provides for each day of the year a different CMYK color whose choice has required much care as reflection. Magnificent, this item might seduce many graphic designers and even design enthusiasts. The box in which it rests is also very well made and actively participates in the charm of the whole. And obviously, the Color Swatch Calendar can be wall mounted like any calendar worthy of the name.

A fun calendar

Although it remains a calendar, the Color Swatch Calendar is intended as a sample of usable color. En effet, Can I use the colors individually as samples to present his favorite color or make personal connections. Information on the CMYK values ​​are also present in all color bands which confirms this playful dimension.

At once elegant and refreshing, the Color Swatch Calendar Peter Von Freyhold is a real success that his playfulness further strengthens. So beautiful work.

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