As more and more competitors stand in his way as UberEats, Deliveroo, le service de livraison de plats cuisinés se doit de sortir les crocs pour maintenir son leadership. Founded in 2013, the company which is active in 12 countries decided to upgrade its image to make it more efficient.

Rest in peace Kangoo,en !

Not yet having very few years of life, Deliveroo already changing its friendly logo which put forward a cute kangaroo nearly as aggressive than is this animal actually. Many will therefore disappointed by the disappearance of the beast but this is easily explained by the desire to get out of illustrative logo, it is true a bit childish. And, the new emblem retains a kangaroo…

The age of maturity

The task was entrusted to the DesignStudio agency that has decided to maintain as it was a bit of the old identity of Deliveroo. The idea of ​​the kangaroo is guarded but greatly modified : we now entitled to a closed hand with index finger and pushes are unfolded to form the head of a kangaroo (where the “v” victory, c’est selon). Too simple, cet emblème aux inspirations géométriques est aux antipodes de ce que doit être un logo mature et maintient Deliveroo dans un âge enfantin : le concept des doigts rappellent en effet les oreilles d’ânes que nous faisions petits sur les photos. The transition to adulthood is an undeniable failure.

Modifications secondaires

The company name will now appear in the same color as the logo, so empty that ugly color that gives a false appearance to all. La mention “Your favorite restaurants. Always comes” going to ace, Deliveroo sign that the company feels strong enough to no longer need to explain through a baseline function. Although quite logical, this change is not convincing as a whole. Admittedly, the new model wife of more contemporary codes than its predecessor but it looks too much like any other digital identity.

uninspired, loose character and dressed by a color to the obvious ugliness, new logo Deliveroo made by DesignStudio is extremely disappointing. digital identity without singularity fans will love. But there are those seduced by all that is…

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