We count the fatalities due to d & rsquo consumption alcohol. Preventive messages are multiple and permanent in order to fight against this scourge. Accustomed to advocate for the prevention of dangers of & rsquo; drink driving (and, by extension, for its own services), Company VTC Uber continues to struggle and has attracted attention by combining prevention and commercial opportunism with an undeniable expertise with a funny & rsquo; idea.

Drink and Drive

To fight against the consumption of & rsquo; drinking and driving and to show all the & rsquo; interest of its services, Uber has decided to create a bottle of wine all that & rsquo; there is more classic covered by a label again very classic. Except that & rsquo; in looking more ready, we realize that the design of the & rsquo; tag represents a car impaled against a tree, at the foot d & rsquo; a vineyard. En dessous, a sentence indicates that the wine s & rsquo; still better appreciated if we are sitting in the passenger seat, in d & rsquo; other words, if we do not drive ! In addition to militate against the & rsquo; drink driving, this advertising allows Uber to do his promo together, which, far & rsquo; be condemned, is proof of expertise. Concretely, these bottles were distributed in a French restaurant in Russia and the customer response was filmed : effective to create buzz ! On another, composing his own bottle of wine allows Uber to generate an image of & rsquo; upscale business (more than if the & rsquo; alcohol was beer). A winning bet on the line.

Already escorted by many successful ads, Uber added a string to his bow, after & rsquo; humor, n & rsquo; not hesitate to come walk on a tragic path with appreciable inventiveness without forgetting its commercial interests.

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