Accustomed shock campaigns, Think!, road safety organization in the UK back at the end year 2016 with a new spot that should be talked about. After his campaign Publooshocker conducted with the help of Leo Burnett London agency, Think! keeps going “punchy” to make an impression by attacking the cyclist through the spot Cycle Safety.

Collisions chain

Accompanied this time by the agency AMV BBDO, Think! gives us a relatively effective spot focusing on accidents involving cyclists. The number thereof increases more and more in the United Kingdom. The number of accidents also for extension by. To fight against this scourge, the spot string of collisions images to symbolize the often deadly violence of impact between a car (or truck) and bike. The machines are disproportionate, shock forgives indeed not for the cyclist in most cases. Rather original in its approach, this spot prefers to evoke the symbolism of violence but manages to keep the impact particularly through the final plan showing the result of an accident between a bicycle and a truck… Glazing and efficient !

Along With Cycle Safety, Think! has the merit of addressing a part of the road safety too often left fallow. Helped by the agency AMV BBDO, the organization opts for an original angle and succeed, n & rsquo; no doubt, touching cyclists to encourage them to do even more attention, especially when overtaking or turning. Hopefully the drivers of motorized vehicles also make more careful…