Funded on Kickstarter, Fontself Maker comes in the form of & rsquo; an extension for Illustrator CC aimed at making life easier for all who wish to create their own typography. And you'll see that unlike most usually designed tools to shape its (or) police(s), Fontself Maker is d & rsquo; amazing how simple.

Draw me an alphabet

Created by Franz Hoffman and Joel Galetas, two independent designers, FontSelf Maker se veut être la version simplifiée et décomplexée des outils servant à créer des typographies. Les options de personnalisations sont légions et ne demandent aucun savoir-faire particulier. We just have to use d & rsquo; Illustrator and draw lettering,fr (même grossier). En effet, this plugin d & rsquo; Illustration can design its own font from d & rsquo; a drawing or d & rsquo; a sketch handmade. Once that fills, just d & rsquo; press a button and voila ! You agree that & rsquo; there is still more difficult. Complet, Fontself Maker also supports accented characters. What more ?

Fontself Maker has any good idea (accessibility, ease & rsquo; use) and yet, its creators are currently working on solutions so users can more easily share their creations typographical. They think even a way to allow users to sell their fonts.

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